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Rey has true gift for healing and kind heart! As soon as you meet him, it is apparent how caring and sincere he is. I’ve never experienced a reiki healing before, it proved to be very relaxing and calming. Thank you REY !!!

Cassandra Fisher

Rey Healings was wonderful. I felt energized by the and of it. i enjoyed the massage in the beginning that prepared the expression to Reiki. I felt a divine healing energy showing me areas that needed work or palaces if surrender. I highly recommend this expression to anyone looking for healing and peace. blessing

Florencia Larraburu

The Reiki service that Rey Provides was absolutely fantastic! I went in with a lot of anxiety about lot of things and stressed and beyond belief. His massage and spiritual healing helped me feel so much better ad afterwards. I couldn’t believe how relaxed and at peace I was about everything. I would highly recommend his service to everyone, especially if you’re feeling a lot of stress/anxiety and aren’t sure how to handle it all at once. rey is a fantastic guy and his service will do wonders for you!

Alex Sattler

Loved my reiki healing! I was tense and anxious for a while and have had some depression. I really felt that reiki helped calm my anxieties and gave me a sense peace. very gentle and zen, my healer is definitely someone I’d be coming back to

Lisa Lozano

Rey Performed my first reiki healing on me to help with my anxiety and depression troubles I was going through. the experience was very comfortable and relaxing. i highly recommend seeing Rey for your healing needs!

Jacob Winslow

I had heard of reiki before i tried it for the first time. i think session took like an hour even though i was not aware of time and more present in the unique experience. eye closed, music/nature sounds in the background and an open mind was a key a get a good sense of what was going on inside. i felt how the energy was moving through each part of my body, cleansing anything that was blocking me and gave me more insight into why i do or feel about certain things as much as i how process and can improve my life. I improve their lives and open their hearts to new ways to heal and develop ways to protect their energy

Liz Evie

My Session with Rey was much needed. he sensed it before i did. it was remote but he was able to tune in and get me into a meditative state quite easily. i felt great afterwards and had release of emotions over the next few days. Thanks Rey Rey! keep doing what your doing


Sheri Moses

After having reiki done for the first time, i felt a sense of serenity. it took about hour, but it felt like time did not exist in the moment. i came out energized, like a restful energized, like i had just gotten the best sleep of my life! Reiki helped heal the negative energy and anxiety in me and brought out glow i thought could never show. Everyone should do this! You come out transformed. i am thankful i had it done! Than you Rey!


Grace Dierking

Rey has magical touch like no other, i was going through a lot of changes this past 2020 year and I was much need of a spiritual rebalancing. After my reiki healing from Rey I felt good and at ease and well continue to go back for another session soon. I highly recommend going to this guy!


Melissa Freeman

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