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Gratitude for connections

I just need to thank more and more people and higher beings that have allowed my path and purpose to synchronize in such a beautiful way. I think back to when I first moved to Ventura, I knew I needed to make friends and connect with community, so I went to many meetups. It led me to this wonderful spiritual group of characters, lovers, dancers, singers, yogis, cooks, magicians, musicians, and healers… each one a gift from divine creator. Within this group I discovered my teacher and master of reiki, among so many other skills and talents she has. Stella has been all over the world picking up wisdoms and practices for the soul, it has molded her into the best version of herself and an example for humankind. Her love is given so freely, and I am honored to be one of the many she has inspired and guided. If you are interested, visit her website to see for yourself who she is and what this elevated energy can do for you and all of us…


  • I too am grateful to this spiritual journey that I have found myself on. I have always felt there is more than just the superficial feelings or what we see with our physical eyes. After I experienced a really rough time in my life, I took the time for myself (about two years) to focus on healing and loving myself. With lots of meditation, chakra work and crystals, I found myself again. The time you put towards your self-healing is never a waste of time, and it has truly led me to encounter more wonderful people who are on a similar journey.

  • One could not ask for more to invest in the spirit and connect with the divine, to guide us exactly where we need to be. And you’re right! In fact, the human eyes can normally only pick up a fraction of frequencies or details of what is reflected by light and matter… although, with awareness and practice one can sense more than the norm of what is truly going on around us and through us. We definitely attract the energy we create and believe in. Thank you for the wisdom and love you share, to self and all!

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