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wholesome friend and honorable foe

Thank you for joining me here after your own long journeys. I hope we can connect as simply or profoundly as is necessary. I intend for this to be a safe space for openness and oneness as we find our way through the chaos and enjoy some tranquility… I appreciate any conscious efforts and kind gestures you have to share. Together we are better and we can accomplish what we could never do alone. 

In Person Healing

healing in a safe and calm environment with professional, yet intimate interaction


Remote Healing

healing for those who are physically distant or prefer to be in their own space; this takes a stronger sense of faith and openness on both you and I


Space and Objects

for the cleansing or protection of any space or material thing, big or small… whether a house or something of sentimental value


for healing those furry family members. Preferably non aggressive or that can be held during session if need be…

Benefits Of Energy Healing

  • Heals at the source of our issues
  • Meditative Therapy Relaxes Body and Mind
  • Helps to Shed Stress, Anxieties, Pains and Burdens
  • Will improve some major and minor health problems
  • Clears blockages and limitations of spirit and mind to become more composed and creative
  • Supports immune system
  • Promotes detoxifying practices and helps to release stagnant energies and ideas
  • Can purify a home, a place, a person, a pet, or object
  • Improves energy flow, bringing one into balance and harmony

Rey's healings

In Spirit We Find Purpose

let me begin by saying intention is everything. Not only with this practice, but in everything we do or say. I check my intention constantly, and before I begin a healing I focus on mantras and energies of divine and unconditional love, as well as warm protection for the specific person or object in our safe space.

I become nothing more than a channel and instrument for delivering pure healing to any who are open to it. This is not something one can force or fake, complete faith and vulnerable trust is necessary for both the healer and the receiver


Rey has true gift for healing and kind heart! As soon as you meet him, it is apparent how caring and sincere he is. I’ve never experienced a reiki healing before, it proved to be very relaxing and calming. Thank you REY !!!

Cassandra Fisher

Rey Healings was wonderful. I felt energized by the and of it. i enjoyed the massage in the beginning that prepared the expression to Reiki. I felt a divine healing energy showing me areas that needed work or palaces if surrender. I highly recommend this expression to anyone looking for healing and peace. blessing

Florencia Larraburu

The Reiki service that Rey Provides was absolutely fantastic! I went in with a lot of anxiety about lot of things and stressed and beyond belief. His massage and spiritual healing helped me feel so much better ad afterwards. I couldn’t believe how relaxed and at peace I was about everything. I would highly recommend his service to everyone, especially if you’re feeling a lot of stress/anxiety and aren’t sure how to handle it all at once. rey is a fantastic guy and his service will do wonders for you!

Alex Sattler

Loved my reiki healing! I was tense and anxious for a while and have had some depression. I really felt that reiki helped calm my anxieties and gave me a sense peace. very gentle and zen, my healer is definitely someone I’d be coming back to

Lisa Lozano

Spoken and written Art

Honing our healthy relations and communications

From inspirational messages, creative words and poetry, hilarious memes or art of the modern age